Online Newsrooms: Transforming Social Media

create the best newsroom possible – part 2

Posted on: November 2, 2010

As previously stated in part 1, there are so many things to keep in mind when creating the most effective online newsroom possible, that it can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully these posts will help you narrow down the abundance of information on the subject and offer some helpful resources.

One of the main purposes of an online newsroom is to maintain up-to-the-minute information for anyone viewing your site, whether it is reporters, experts, researchers, bloggers, etc., and the key thing to keep in mind is that you want your online newsroom to be user-friendly to all these constituent groups.

This NCI report from Resource Media highlights a few key points that will ensure that your online newsroom will be a top contender when it comes to ease of usability.


Resource Media suggests that the text on your pages in your online newsroom be surrounded by white space so that it is easier to read, and does not give off a cluttered, text heavy vibe. They also suggest using bold when highlighting key points, especially when using bulleted lists. Ragan CEO, Mark Ragan, agrees in the video below, “8 Tips for a Better Online Newsroom,” that online newsrooms should include easy to read, bulleted fact sheets that include short, explanatory sentences. He believes that a bulleted list is the perfect tool for a journalist on a deadlines.

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Eight Tips for a Better Online Newsroom, posted with vodpod



It is essential that users should be able to find a link to your online newsroom in a place that is easily visible, even to a newcomer on your site. Resource Media suggests putting a link on your homepage and at the footer of your site so that your online newsroom will show up more frequently in search engines. When it comes to actually navigating around the online newsroom, Ragan explains in tip #4 that you should include a search function, so whoever is visiting your site can easily find specific press releases, archives, etc. Lee Odden gives some advice on how to organize your company’s press releases in his article, “Pull PR and Newsroom Optimization Tactics.” He suggests archiving press releases by categories, chronologically, and with a keyword tag so that viewers can easily navigate to the one(s) they want.

Printer Friendly

You need to understand that bloggers, reporters, consumers are all visiting your site because they need to consume information, and sometimes that means they have to print something out a page in your online newsroom. Ragan explains in tip #7 that it is important to make your site printer friendly so your visitors don’t have to print out extra pages and waste their time and ink.

After you’ve established your user-friendly online newsroom, you need to be able to actually attract users! There are a number of steps to be taken when thinking about the best way to get as many people to use your site as possible.

Use Keywords

Resource Media suggests placing important keywords in specific places like headlines, titles, and introductory paragraphs because search engines prioritize searches based on these keywords and you want your online newsroom to appear high on search engines.


You want to drive as much traffic as you possibly can to your newsroom, so why not add links to it anywhere you can? Both Ragan and Resource Media suggest placing links in all emails with people you are communicating with. There could be a chance that the information they are looking for will be easily accessible in your online newsroom, and they might continue to use it as a resource on a regular basis.

Online newsrooms are essential in the social media world; if you keep it current and accurate and follow these steps, then you should be just fine.


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