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Social Media Resume

Emily Freeman


  • freemaea [at] dukes [dot] jmu [dot] [edu]


  • Emily is a senior at James Madison University and is scheduled to graduate in May 2011.
  • Emily is working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in journalism.
  • She is also working towards a minor in Communication Studies. Her major and minor coincided well, giving her even more experience and practice in the world of social media and communication.
  • Emily is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma and has been recognized as a Sigma Scholar.
  • Emily has worked as a volunteer for Relay for Life, ’07-present.
  • Emily has maintained three separate blogs while at James Madison University.
  • Emily has completed many projects throughout her college career, equipping her with the necessary leadership skills along with plenty of group-work experience.

Class Experience:

  • Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design I, Spring 2009
    • This course allowed Emily to engage in basic design programs and use the tools and techniques involved in creating graphic content for digital and interactive media.
  • Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design II, Spring 2009
    • This course allowed Emily to engage in the production of audio and video for different delivery systems such as television, interactive CD/DVD and the Web.
  • News Editing, Spring 2009
    • This course allowed Emily to learn and apply the use of editorial functions in the modern newsroom.
  • News Writing, Fall 2009
    • This course allowed Emily to learn basic news gathering techniques and the modern news style.
  • The Media Arts: Culture by Design, Fall 2009
    • This course allowed Emily to learn how mediated communication molds perception and influences cultural change.
  • Advanced Reporting and Writing, Spring 2010
    • This course allowed Emily to engage in the practice of information gathering for advanced news and feature writing.
  • Media and Politics, Fall 2010
    • This course allowed Emily to study the media’s role in political campaigns, concentrating on past/present election, the media’s role in covering political parties and coverage of the governing process. Emily created and maintained a blog on the effects of the media on politics.
  • New Media Journalism, Fall 2010
    • This course allowed Emily to focus on new and emerging media forms including blogs, social media and journalism web sites. Emily maintained a blog throughout the course of the semester.

Work Experience:

  • Benson’s Homemade Ice Cream, ’05-’10
    • Intern, ’07
      • Went to various suppliers
      • Helped make ice cream
      • Created and marketed own ice cream flavor (still in use today)
      • Organized ice cream stand and prepared for the season
    • Manager, ’09-’10
      • Communicated with clients
      • Organized charity events
      • Made schedules
      • Helped with calculating and issuing of checks
      • Completed inventory and made supply orders


  • “Emily has been a wonderful employee at Benson’s Homemade Ice Cream. She is upbeat, diligent, and friendly. The customers are always welcomed by her enthusiastic smile and cheery attitude from the first customer of the day to the last customer of the night. She is professional and courteous with her fellow employees. Emily is dedicated to her job and has often demonstrated this by going above and beyond in her work. In 2007, she choose to participate in a school internship program at Benson’s, during which she learned more about the inner workings of the business, helped with tasks outside of her normal job requirements, and invented an original ice cream flavor, Mint Cookie Crunch, that has become one of our most popular new flavors. After this extra experience which gave her a better understanding of Benson’s Ice Cream, Emily is more aware of the greater workings of the business and will step up to make changes that help to better the company as a whole. For this reason, Emily has been promoted to manager. In addition to her leadership role as manager, Emily decided to take on extra hours as a clean up and set up crew employee, a job beyond her normal ice cream service duties, because she realized that there was a lack of leadership in that department and she knew that she could help train newer employees with better techniques that would help the entire operation. Emily is a model employee and we have been lucky to have her at Benson’s.” – Tina Benson, Owner of Benson’s Homemade Ice Cream

Technical Skills:

  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver
  • Experience with social media tools WordPress, Blogspot, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr
  • Experience with iMovie
  • Adept in Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint

Sample Work

Here are some articles I’ve written:

24-Hour Bike-A-Thon

Cat’s Cradle

Trend Article




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