Online Newsrooms: Transforming Social Media

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It is important for businesses large and small to create and maintain successful online newsrooms in order to stay competitive in not only their own fields, but also in the ever-changing world of multimedia corporate communications. However, it can be intimidating for small businesses to take the plunge into the whole Web 2.0 phenomenon, in fear that they will get eaten alive by the big sharks; the large corporations. Fortunately, there are programs out there that are designed specifically to help these smaller companies stand on their own two feet and create successful and effective online newsrooms.

In James Martin’s article, “Small Business SEO: 10 Ways to Optimize an Online Newsroom,” he explains the specific ways that a small business can use a valuable media tool to take their company to the next level. In one of his first tips, he explains that a company needs to make its online newsroom a “portal” for its industry. This means that instead of producing a boring newsroom full of archives, create an engaging, interactive site that explores all aspects of the industry your company is in. He uses an example of Imperial Sugar Company’s newsroom, which includes not only news about the company, but also updates about what is going on in the sugar industry, interesting photos, customer stories, etc.

Another simple suggestion Martin proposes to small companies looking to stay current and competitive via their online newsroom is to add descriptions to every image that is posted on the site. He makes a note that a company shouldn’t add just any description, but one full of important keywords concerning the product and industry at hand because search engines take into account the images’ alt text and we have already discussed the importance of search engine optimization.

Jeremy Porter provides some specific examples of some smaller companies with highly successful online newsrooms in his post, “How to Build a Better Online Newsroom: Part II.” I already discussed Porter’s evaluation of Facebook’s online press room in my previous post, but in part II he discusses the pros and cons of online newsrooms of companies like HubSpot, MailChimp, and 37Signals. These three companies exemplify the fact that it does not matter how large your corporation is, an online newsroom is possible, and a highly valuable tool in regards to the expansion and growth of a company. Porter explains how an online newsroom is a perfect way for a small company to attract attention, especially from the press, which can help put them on the map.

Small businesses may know the key guidelines to an effective newsroom and the reasons why they should create one, but they still need the proper outlet to actually get their online newsroom up and running. That’s where MediaRoom comes in. MediaRoom provides a painless way for small companies to manage their online newsroom without costly software or the help of an IT person.

PR Newswire created MediaRoom for smaller companies to create a site that has all the key components of any large corporation’s online newsroom. PR Newswire covers all the bases, giving a company five different kinds of online newsrooms to choose from, depending on that company’s particular industry. They also provide specific examples of companies that have used MediaRoom and have seen positive results; a frequently asked questions page; and the opportunity to request a MediaRoom demo.

MediaRoom is a valid starting point for any small business with limited resources to propel itself into the multimedia world of Web 2.0 where online newsrooms are essential.